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Thank you for your interest in supporting 
fellow Game Changers in Japan!

Since 2007, Seven Generations has worked in partnership with the Pachamama Alliance offering Awakening the Dreamer symposium, training symposium facilitators, organizing group tours to Amazon (and made a movie there of), and hosting special events with Lynne Twist in Japan.

In late 2016, a group of volunteers came together in order to offer Game Changer Intensive course in Japanese Language. The team has translated and subtitled more than 100 course materials, created Japanese online platform, and host weekly small group meetings over Zoom conference call technology. By August 2017, over 100 people from all over Japan (and 3 other countries) have participated in the Game Changer Intensive in Japanese language.

Please hear GCI’s impact on one of the participants, Mr. Tahara, in this video interview:

By becoming our financial supporter, please join Game Changer Intensive-Japan team and Seven Generations bringing environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling human presence in Japan and all over the world!

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Seven Generations:
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